About WoolApps

Here at WoolApps, our aim is to design, develop and release fun and dynamic Apps for all to enjoy. Our Apps to date have been based upon family needs. Be it a Time-Out Timer App to help time my son on the naughty step, or our popular ‘Santa is Coming’ App so that your kids to check if they are on the big man’s naughty or nice list!

As a new developer, I am keen to learn and create ever more exciting Apps. I would love to here from you if you have any interesting ideas!! Please contact me on: sgilliesios@gmail.com

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I would like to thank FreePix.com for the awesome background image

To Date, we have released 5 Apps to the Appstore:

30 Seconds


Welcome to 30 Seconds! The next big party game to play with your friends and family. You have only 30 seconds to complete as many mini challenges as possible and to try and beat you friends and family. Choose from a series of BRAIN or BODY challenges, or opt for a RANDOM selection. This high intensity game is gripping and will liven up your party!

> Choose from BRAIN or BODY challenges
> Complete as many challenges as you can in 30 seconds
> Swipe the challenge cards left or right when a challenge is completed to load the next challenge
> Swipe the challenge card up to pass the challenge
> Earn medals for your score
> Aim to get the highest score
> Share your score via social media

Santa is Coming – Naughty or Nice


Designed by parents to help keep children on Santa’s nice list during the run up to Christmas. This app includes a countdown timer to the big day (Christmas day), and enables you to enter your child’s name and to check Santa’s list. Whilst the app contacts the North Pole, you get to choose which list to put your child’s name on! The question is, will you put your child’s name on the naughty or nice list?

Time-Out Timer


Designed by parents, the Time Our Timer app provides a tool for parents to help implement the well known ‘time-out’ or ‘naughty step/corner’ technique. Based on the model made famous by parental guides such as Supernanny, the Time Out Timer app provides a timer based upon the child’s age. The parent is able to choose between 30 seconds or 1 minute, per year of age for their child, and simply choses the child’s age using the slide bar. Then hit GO. When the timer has completed, the phone will discretely vibrate. This vibration alert will ensure that the child is not aware the timer has gone off and keeps the parent in control. The app remembers the age most recently selected for quick access to the timer and ensures that the phone does not turn off half way through the timer (an issue with other such apps on the app store).



The Love Match compatibility calculator is a FREE fun app to test how compatible you are with your boyfriend, girlfriend or secret crush.  Simply enter your name and the name of the one you are interested in and let the Love Match secret love matching algorithm calculate your compatibility!
How compatible the couple are is also depicted in coloured coded hearts – from blue (ice cold) to scorching hot red!!

What are you waiting for, its FREE! try it out!

Easter Bunny Is Coming


Designed by parents as a tool to help maintain good child behaviour. Using the easter bunny as a reward mechanism, the parent is able to place their child on the easter bunny’s good list (for lots of easter eggs) or not (no easter eggs), without the child realising the trick. The parent enters the child’s name and after hitting ‘check list’, the parent can choose to place the child on the good list by holding down the right hand easter basket, or inform the child the easter bunny will not be coming (maybe following naughty behaviour) by holding down the bottom left hand corner basket.

Acknowledgements: Images used for the Easter Bunny app obtained, with permission, from Freepix.com. Specifically (click the link): The Easter Bunny Image, Easter Eggs, Easter Egg Basket, Grass & Background