30 Seconds



Welcome to 30 Seconds! The next big party game to play with your friends and family. You have only 30 seconds to complete as many mini challenges as possible and to try and beat you friends and family. Choose from a series of BRAIN or BODY challenges, or opt for a RANDOM selection. This high intensity game is gripping and will liven up your party!

> Choose from BRAIN or BODY challenges
> Complete as many challenges as you can in 30 seconds
> Swipe the challenge cards left or right when a challenge is completed to load the next challenge
> Swipe the challenge card up to pass the challenge
> Earn medals for your score
> Aim to get the highest score
> Share your score via social media



I would like to thank the following:

FreePix.com for images of the medals, stopwatch,

Freesfx.com for the sounds used in the app

Minetext.com for the logo