Easter Bunny Is Coming


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Designed by parents as a tool to help maintain good child behaviour. Using the easter bunny as a reward mechanism, the parent is able to place their child on the easter bunny’s good list (for lots of easter eggs) or not (no easter eggs), without the child realising the trick. The parent enters the child’s name and after hitting ‘check list’, the parent can choose to place the child on the good list by holding down the right hand easter basket, or inform the child the easter bunny will not be coming (maybe following naughty behaviour) by holding down the bottom left hand corner basket.

The app also includes a count down timer to easter 2016 in days.


> Countdown timer to Easter Sunday

> Enter your child’s name, click ‘check list’ and enjoy the spinning carrot animation whilst the app ‘checks the easter bunny’s good list’

> Touch recognition determines whether your child ends up on the easter bunny’s good list or not

> Reward your child’s good behaviour by placing then on the easter bunny’s good list (press and hold down the basket in the bottom right hand corner)

> Or give your child a warning by informing them that they are NOT on the easter bunny’s good list (press and hold down the basket in the left hand corner)

> Beautiful animations and fun bunny images (curtesy of freepix.com)

Easter Bunny Is Coming

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